Caption what?

Memes can come from anywhere, whether it’s from popular culture, a picture on Twitter or simply a funny selfie. Caption_it is an app that transforms meme-making and sharing into a game.

The popularity of the game Cards Against Humanity caused the creation of the app Evil Apples. Similarly, the app caption_it seeks to work like the card game What Do You Meme?, while also allowing people to upload their own photos and videos to use as memes.

The Mascot

Rather than creating an abstract symbol or simple logotype, we came up with the idea of a mascot. With inspiration from the meme community, we tried combining animals that were popular in memes into a hybrid animal of sorts.

We tried different combinations of the following animals: frog, cat, llama, raccoon, and penguin. The combination we settled on was llama and penguin, thus creating the mascot we affectionately call, Pama.

All The Pamas

Because we could have more fun with the branding, we decided to create 55 different versions of Pama that could be used in a variety of ways.

The App

My design partner for this project Ania took the lead with this app & her coding and UX/UI experience came in handy!

After discussing the flow with the developers and viewing their wireframes, more detailed wireframes were made. The design elements were then implemented app was prototyped in XD.

Icon Graphic

After creating a number of app icons, we selected the one we liked the most. Additionally, we were able to use the icons as a graphic for different printed items like shirts and tote bags, that were then given as an incentive to download the app. ( last image by IWU )

Thank you

Thanks for making it to the end!