eyes on the vibes


During my internship at DDB, us interns had to create an agency-wide event of our choosing. We came up with “Eyes on the Vibes” a study of the collective mood of the office. We created an LED lit cloud and correlated colors to different moods. By sending out a survey, we collected the average mood and changed the color of the cloud three times a day so everyone could see what the collective mood was that day.


As part of the project, we organized events to act as “mood-boosters.” With that in mind, I seized the opportunity to brand our project, in order to ensure every aspect had the same look and feel.


I had the idea for wavy text to tie in the idea of vibes and how emotions often fluctuate in a non-linear way. I used some calligraphy pens to sketch out wavy text, but after deciding it looked a little too horror-movie-esque, I settled on a warped logotype.


As another idea I wanted to have a graphic eye with different lines on top to act as the “vibes.” Although it wasn’t used as the actual logo, instead I ended up making over 40 different eyes that were used as graphic elements and pattern.


We created two events to see if it would boost the mood of the office. I created two poster sets for each event. The first poster acts as a way to draw the viewer in while the second poster is informational.


As people participated in our survey, the data team collected it and then made charts to make them more understandable. I then took those charts, made them match the branding and then animated them to use in our emails, case study video, and final presentation.


A Spotify playlist was made to boost the mood and allow members of the agency to add whatever music put them in a good mood. I used the “VIBES” portion of the logo and created a cover that read “good vibes only.”