silverplex entertainment


For this branding project, I was able to create a fictional company, as well as all the materials of my choice. I love movies. I have a freakish memory of movie quotes and I definitely have enjoyed my fair share of movies in the theater. So, I decided to create my own movie theater.


Silverplex Entertainment is a movie theater company aimed at all ages. “Silver refers to the “silver screen,” which is a nod to old Hollywood and the older generations, while “plex” is the shortened version of “multiplex,” which is a nod to new technology and younger generations.


The san-serif type gives a modern feel, showing that the movie theatres are up-to-date technology and keeping with the latest films. The blue color choice separates itself from traditional movie theater colors such as red, purple, or yellow—allowing the company to differentiate itself.

Print Materials

Stationary and tickets use a similar system to match the logo as well as a background graphic created with the color palette and parts from the logo. While the logo is more reserved, the other elements of the brand convey the feelings and emotions attached to the experience of going to the movies. The logo acts as the entry to the theatre, while the materials mirror what it’s like to actually be there.

Silverplex App

For me, movies are more enjoyable if getting there is made simple. To accomplish that, I made movie selection the first thing on the home page and stripped down all the usual clutter so that you get what you came for. Get your tickets and enjoy an awesome show—end of story.

Silverplex “Flix” Events

I had the idea that Silverplex would hold themed pop-up movie events once a month in a unique location to fit the films—all ending with the word “flix” to reference film and also keep a similar sounding suffix as Silverplex. As an example, I came up with “Aquaflix” and had the idea that Finding Nemo and Jaws could be played in an aquarium.


Thanks for making it to the end!

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