sun orchard


Sun Orchard

Sun Orchard is a company that creates fresh beverages that can be customized for any type of business. During a summer internship at C2 Creative Studio, I assisted in preliminary stages of a rebranding project for Sun Orchard and was able to have a bit of fun reimagining the logo.

Logo Design

I selected Bodoni as the typeface and then edited the shapes of the letters to match a drawn shape. The traditional typeface maintains gives a trustworthy feel, while the non-uniform editing of the letterforms adds a playfulness. After I was happy with the individual letterforms and word shape, I made three different configurations with the two words.

Logo Graphics

After making the type configurations, I hand-drew a number of leaves and branches around and then digitally drew them. The final selection included the stacked type with a longer graphic on top to fill the empty space and a smaller graphic on the bottom that hugs the “S” and helps maintain visual balance.

Color Logo

After finalizing the black and white version, a colored version was made with a wood texture placed over the text & the hand-drawn graphics replaced with botanical orange leaf drawings. The final logo transforms the original more corporate, static logo into one that is more down-to-earth and with elements that give a more human touch.


Thanks for making it to the end!

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