the pink pile

Just a Pink Pile of Sh*t

This installation created for IWU’s senior exhibition is a combined collection of found objects from Ania Bui, Nghi Nguyen, and myself. Whether from childhood, our room, the nearby Dollar Tree, or our campus, the pink pile serves as a storyteller that engages the viewer while raising questions. Inspired by Portia Munson’s Pink Project (1994), we collected and displayed pink objects to raise questions about the color, what it means, and why it is so often tied to women and femininity. Just like Munson, we observed that as women grew empowered, the color pink became brighter and bolder, and similarly, we noticed how the pile and the objects within it spoke about how we are as women and how we want to be perceived. { photos by Ania Bui }


Thanks for making it to the end!

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